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Sometimes differences of opinion can begin to divide rather than enhance a relationship. These can lead to arguments or simply going quiet and not talking about the things that really matter together. Tensions can build up and this can affect sleep, work, health, and other relationships (and the children too).

Talking with someone outside of the situation could help. This way, both people have the chance to clearly say what matters to them and how they feel. In addition, another person's insight into what is happening can help open up the situation and stall those repeating disagreements and rising tensions.

This is an opportunity to talk openly about how you feel. I am not there to criticise or to side with one against the other. I'm not there to say you should stay together or not. But with a clearer understanding of what is happening, you will then be able to decide what you think is best.

Wherever you are in your relationship, whether newly acquainted or have been together for many years, you may find it helpful to talk with someone outside of the situation.

It can be helpful if both of you attend the session together, but some people do prefer to come alone, or alone for some of the sessions.

It's up to you. Whatever suits you best.

If both people attend the session together there's no additional charge, I still charge the one fee.

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