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Weymouth Bay

I work with children and young people who are facing emotional and/or behavioural problems, such as: feeling shy and insecure, fearful or anxious, low in confidence, unhappy, finding difficulty making and keeping friends, are hyperactive (sometimes referred to as 'ADHD'), are being bullied, have frequent or difficult temper tantrums, are being aggressive and unruly.

Sometimes the children are struggling with the loss of a close relative or have become unsettled, upset or especially difficult following the break-up of the parent's relationship.

Helping children & families

Mental health medications

For parents who are wondering whether or not their child might benefit from mental health medications - I am very willing to discuss some of the limitations and risks based on current research - and consider safer options.

I am not there to judge you

I respect that parents have different ways of raising their children. I am not there to tell you what to do, but together we can think through what might or might not be helpful for you.

You will have an idea of what is not working and I have thoughts on other ways that might be helpful.

But please understand, I am not there to criticise or judge you. I respect the fact that you say that things can be really difficult.